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11th Oct 20190

Are you looking for car & home insurance that has great benefits and insures you for just about anything and everything at an affordable price?

Sourcing the most suitable car and home insurance from top companies -Quotes from up to 10 different direct insurers – maximum 2 calls – Calls will take between 20-40 minutes – Survey – people save on average 30% on their car and home Insurance.


Are you looking for short term insurance that has great benefits and insures you for just about anything and everything at an affordable price? Owning a car and a home is quite a big deal and are things you need to go into prepared, sometimes even preparing for the unexpected. Car and home insurance is just that; an opportunity to live your life without worrying about life’s mishaps and mistakes. Drive with peace of mind
For car insurance, you need to know that should you get into an accident, your fault or not, you have reliable insurance to cover your ground. The Hound can offer you piece of mind. Don’t worry if you already have car insurance, let us find you better quotes so you can not only get adequate cover but can also save on high and unreasonable premiums. Make your house a home
It’s no secret that crime in South Africa is a major problem, with house break-ins seeing an enormous increase. Wouldn’t you feel more at ease knowing you not only have affordable car insurance but your home and its content are covered and you needn’t worry about theft and damage (accidental or malicious)? The Hound can do this for you by sniffing out the best home insurance to suit your budget. To start taking advantage of this offer, simply complete our short car and home insurance form and we will get several obligation free insurance quotes from the top insurance companies in South Africa. Once you’ve decided on which cover suits you best, you can do the fun part, live life with less worry and panic. Let Ab Insurance Brokers find you the right car and home insurance quotes now!

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