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18th Apr 20190
Eight road safety tips every driver should follow this Easter
  • Check your tyre tread. When was the last time you checked your tyres? …

  • When was the last time you checked your tyres? They’re often overlooked (maybe because there’s no warning sign for them on the dashboard!).
  • Your tyres must have 1.4mm or more tread depth to be legal. Tyre wear can increase through incorrect tyre pressure, so make sure you routinely check them – especially before a long journey.
  • Get some polarised sunglasses. …
    It’s good to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin but it’s not so good when the sun is creating a nasty glare that may inhibit your vision when driving. Invest in some polarised sunglasses and keep them handy for the car rides ahead.
  • Remember those drinks from the night before.
  • You’re still labelled a drink driver if you drive under the influence the morning after a night out. It’s a common scenario: the morning after a gathering, you think you’re fine to drive. You’re stopped to be breathalysed to discover you’re over the limit.
  • Up to 25% of fatal crashes were caused by drivers over the legal alcohol limit. Unsure if you’re OK to drive? You probably aren’t – use public transport or grab a cab.
  • Keep a safe distance. …
    With busy roads come frustrated drivers, you won’t get there any quicker by tailgating. As soon as you start to feel annoyed about the traffic ahead, take a deep breath and slow down until you’re a safe distance away from the car in front. This should be roughly a two second gap, or four seconds if conditions are poor.
  • Get some sleep. It’s a busy time of year, full of family gatherings and trips away. Have you ever fallen asleep for a split second behind the wheel? Sleep experts call this a ‘microsleep’ and it can be fatal.Signs of fatigue include yawning, squinting and blinking more than usual. You may also wander into a daze, forgetting the last few kilometres. Sound familiar? If you experience any of these signs it’s always better to avoid driving. Take another mode of transport or, if already driving, take a break and have a nap if needed.
  • Use indicators properly. Indicators are designed to warn the car behind that you’ll be turning soon. Too often drivers will brake or start to turn before indicating, which is pointless.Not only is this frustrating for the car behind but it’s dangerous. Assume that every other car on the road isn’t paying attention and give them plenty of opportunity to  react.
  • Do not swerve to avoid animals.
    Animals on the road can be a huge hazard. There are many videos on social media showing drivers stopping to let animals cross the freeway, or swerving dangerously only to miss them by inches. Although it’s nice to know an animal is saved, it could quite easily have turned out differently. Don’t risk your own and other road users lives by swerving
  • Put your phone out of sight. Our phones are now integrated into most aspects of our lives – they travel with us to work, to school and out socialising on a weekend. One place they don’t belong is in direct line of sight while driving. According to RAC, texting while driving at 100km/hr is the equivalent of driving the length of the MCG blindfolded. It’s a pretty scary reality yet 25% of RAC members say they regularly see other drivers using their phones behind the wheel.Replying to a message can always wait. If it can’t wait, pull over at a safe place. To avoid distraction entirely, just put the phone in the glove box until you arrive

One last reminder…

You’ve checked over your car and the family are packed ready to go. Double check if you need to pick up some SNACKS!!! – you’ll be in serious trouble with the family if you run out of gas during the holidays!

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