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26th Sep 20190

Tip#1: Before you do anything else, take a look at the our R500 referral option

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If you’re reading this, you’re either feeling the effect of a ridiculously high car insurance premium on your pocket, or – maybe you’ve got an awesome deal already and you’re just pushing your luck to find out if there’s a way to pay even less! If you’re not an AB Brokers client, the obvious suggestion would be to call us first.
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Tip#2: Increase your excess

Most insurance companies will allow you to increase your insurance excess in order to enjoy a lower monthly premium. If you decide to go this route, it’s best not to get carried away though – keep this amount within limits so that if the times comes to claim, you’ll still be able to afford to pay your excess.

Tip#3: Make sure your policy is updated

At AB Brokers, we take a substantial factors into account when we calculate your premium, which means that – if you decide to work from home instead of commuting to work and back, chances are that you’ll pay less for your insurance. The same goes if you move house or get married. So, if your circumstances change, give us a call – you’ve got nothing to lose! Not forgetting the annual Renewal of your policy!

Tip#4: Do you really need all the fuss and moans of insurance?

If you have an older vehicle that’s worth less than R50,000, not financed and older than five years – you may want to go for a quote with one of our many insurers options, insurers tailored to suite your needs.

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